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Master chocolatier Mary Ellen Isaacson takes pride in crafting fresh, handmade chocolate using only premium ingredients in classic and original combinations. Every product is hand-produced with personal care in Chocolatesville’s kitchen in the back section of our shop located at 2035 Bond St., Ste. 170 | Charlottesville, Virginia 22901


Mary Ellen’s family came up with the Chocolatesville name during a family discussion about her new business during Easter weekend. It combines chocolate with Charlottesville PERFECTLY. And so Chocolatesville was born!the

Mary Ellen had worked as a chocolatier in Florida for several years and then she and her family moved to Charlottesville in July, 2015. One day, she was hunting for a nice Belgian chocolate to take to her mother’s house and was having a difficult time. Since she was also still job hunting, she thought, “why not?” and created her own job by bringing great chocolate treats to Charlottesville.

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