Healthy Living

Good health makes everything better. With the rush of back-to-school behind us want to focus on healthy living in Charlottesville for a bit. Mixed in with our retail shops, we have a nice collection of shops to help with a healthy lifestyle. Core nutrition, restricted diets, and physical flexibility can all be nurtured here at Stonefield. Most of our restaurants offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-fat, low-sodium options.


Some that come to mind immediately are Burtons with their gluten-free menu. They can substitute just about anything for anything; Noodles & Company offers an amazingly delicious zucchini pasta instead of the usual wheat. Even you’re not trying to avoid gluten, you might enjoy this creative way to get more veggies in your diet. On the indulgent side, Duck Donuts makes vegan donuts, shakes and coffees.


Of course, an active lifestyle is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Lululemon Athletica offers clothes and apparel that fit and look great, and The Elements Yoga has a beautiful studio to keep your body tuned and toned. Whimsies has active wear for kids – both shoes and clothing – so the whole family can be active.


And when you’re not out enjoying fresh air at our outdoor mall and dining, you can stock your pantry. Trader Joe’s brings us organic, vegetarian, vegan and other items to help tune in match your diet with what your body needs most. Costco needs no introduction, but as one of the best warehouse stores in town, you can be sure that they have all kinds of healthy and fresh foods. Expect organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.


Join the organic lifestyle movement. It’s our mission to bring a truly healthy & delicious “fast food” alternative to our communities. Clean Juice is more than just a job – working at Clean Juice is a chance to grow your leadership skills, learn teamwork in a positive environment, and build your future. 

Small Movements. Full Body Benefits.

Pure Barre is a full-body workout that transforms you physically and mentally. Our musically driven group classes focus on low-impact, high-intensity movements that strengthen and tone your body in 50 minutes or less.


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